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Wollemi Twilight Wildlife Walk

Get wild with the night owls as we explore the world of Wollemi National Park’s nocturnal wildlife. Spotlight for Red-necked Wallaby and the Southern Boobook Owl, or become involved in one of our regular citizen science projects surveying Wollemi’s truly unique and diverse wildlife.

The Wollemi Twilight Wildlife Walk is a 1.5 hour wildlife spotlighting tour that is perfect for families and wildlife lovers alike. The walk takes you along the Petries Gully – Pipeline Track trail where you can get up close to our native wildlife such as wombat, kangaroo, wallaroo, possum and if you are very lucky, the Powerful Owl.

The tour departs from the Newnes Hotel, Wolgan Road, Newnes NSW.

DEPARTS: 5:30pm (winter) and 8:30pm (summer)
DURATION: 1.5 hours
INCLUSIONS: Use of spotlights, headlamps and local guide.

Newnes Ruins Walking Tour

Explore the historic ruins of one of Australia’s largest shale oil production schemes – the Newnes Shale Oil Refinery.

Built in 1906, the refinery was an ambitious undertaking by the British based Commonwealth Oil Corporation to exploit the Wolgan Valley’s vast shale reserves. The use of 19th century technology and the importation of lower priced crude oil into Australia finally closed the works in 1932.

All that remains of this once prosperous industry and thriving community are the industrial ruins and building foundations dispersed across the historically significant landscape. This half day walking tour will explore the fascinating history of the once thriving shale oil industry, taking in the shale oil refinery ruins, the iconic beehive-shaped coking kilns, and the remote township of Newnes.

The Newnes Ruins Walking Tour starts at the Newnes Hotel, Wolgan Road, Newnes NSW.

DEPARTS: 9:00am
INCLUSIONS: Delicious morning tea - coffee, tea, hot choc or juice, and muffin or fruit. Sunscreen and Insect repellent.

Glow Worm Tunnel Hike

The Glow Worm Tunnel trail is one of the most iconic walking tracks in the greater Lithgow region with its draw card - the old railway tunnel and its spectacular display of illuminating glow worms, as well as the unmissable panoramic views across the Wolgan Valley.

Described as being one of the most expensive privately funded engineering feats of its time, the Wolgan Valley Railway was the brainchild of chief railway engineer Sir Henry Deane in 1906 and served the nearby Newnes Shale Oil Refinery for the first few decades of the 20th century.

The shay engines and rail lines; as well as the dedicated people that worked the railway, have long since gone and nature has now reclaimed much of this once revered and celebrated railway line. Following the historical footprint of the Wolgan Valley Railway, the Glow Worm Tunnel Hike traverses often steeply graded and densely forested slopes onto spectacular panoramic views of the Wolgan Valley. The trail meanders through fern tree laden gorges, sandstone pagodas and canyons and mountain streams to the aptly named Glow Worm Tunnel. Entering the former railway tunnel and into an environment of complete darkness, guests are treated to what some would describe as a celestial experience – the emergence of thousands of glow worms.

The Glow Worm Tunnel Hike is a half day 9km round hike that is suitable for families to the adventure seeker. The hike commences from the Wolgan Road Glow Worm Tunnel carpark in the Wolgan Valley.

DEPARTS: 8:30am from Glow Worm Tunnel carpark, Wolgan Road, Wolgan Valley
INCLUSIONS: Delicious morning tea - coffee, tea, hot choc, juice or water, and muffin or fruit. Use of headlamps in glow worm tunnel. Sunscreen.

Donkey Mountain Hike

Gaining his first glimpse of the Wolgan Valley in 1823, colonial Assistant Surveyor Robert Hoddle beautifully described one of Wolgan Valley’s most iconic landmarks - Donkey Mountain, ‘as singular and romantic, and had the appearance of a castle and town in ruins’.

Donkey Mountain has stirred the emotions of many pioneers, writers and trailblazers who have all been seduced by the hidden treasures that await on its summit. Traversing the steep talus slopes of the mountain into Gardens of Stone National Park, guests are rewarded with sweeping panoramic views across the Wolgan Valley and the opportunity to explore the maze of fern filled canyons, moss covered boulders and pagoda rock formations which Donkey Mountain is famous for.

This challenging full day hike explores the extensive system of caves, canyons and slots that comprise the north-eastern section of Donkey Mountain and as such, caters to the more experienced bushwalker.

DEPARTS: 8:30am from Donkey Mountain Carpark, Wolgan Road
INCLUSIONS: Delicious morning tea and lunch, coffee and tea and/or bottled water. Sunscreen and insect repellent.